high presure Exceed En856 Multi Spiral choke or kill hoses


so as to form the multi-layer coil on the wherein the multi-layer coil is spiral-shaped 1, the choke 1 disclosed in U.S. Pat. No

Choke coil

Choke coil of the present invention, having a center magnetic stool 35 spiral coil 20 is mounted on the closing magnetic core, the terminal


A high voltage solid-state rectifier includes multiple series connected ac-compensated diodes and series buffer resistors in a stepped spiral stack. The

Automatic control for carburetor choke valves

20021219-The present invention relates to an automatic control for carburetor choke valves and more particularly to a device for accurately controlli

Acetylene-manometer for measuring acetylene pressure of

The manometer (1) has a choke coil (7) formed by a single- or multipart cylindrical choke body, which is inserted into a borehole (6) of a

choke coil has cylindrical coil body formed from 2 spiral

Inductive component for transformer or choke coil has cylindrical coil body formed from 2 spiral conductor bandsThe inductive component has at least one

Choke having a core with a pillar having a non-circular and

2012820-A choke includes a single-piece core entirely made of a same material, the single-piece core having two boards and a pillar located between

RF passive circuit and RF amplifier with via-holes

An input matching parallel inductor 114 which utilizes a spiral inductor, 4. An RF choke used in at least one of a matching circuit and a

Method of manufacturing a common mode choke coil

2009620-A common mode choke coil has a plurality of metallic conducting wires buried into a sintered magnetic material such that the metallic conduc

Radiator Reflector

Governments Carbon Emission Reduction target (CERTspiral valve, or a scroll valve, inside the a choke valve modifies the air pressure in the

Submillimeter-wave detection with superconducting tunnel diodes

admittances presented by most antennas and spiral spiral quasiopuc waveguide waveguide spiral connection is made at the end of an rf-choke

Choke coil with spiral-wound winding embedded in insulating

Choke coil with spiral-wound winding embedded in insulating materialdoi:EP0639840 A2An inductor having a spiral winding, embedded in insulating material, is

Carburetor choke control device

A choke valve control device is provided for an internal combustion piston engine in which each cylinder is provided with a main combustion chamber and an

Compositions and methods for modulating plant parasitic

Their body wall contains a multilayer cuticle, aand Scutellonema spp. (e.g.spiral nematodes); black chokeberry, black mulberry, black sapote,

Choke assembly for a current rectifier

and a second choke valve device disposed betweenpressure source and the second chamber to adjust member of a coil wire formed into a spiral

US5508710A - Conformal multifunction shared-aperture antenna

A shared aperture, multifunction conformable antenna has a spiral-mode microstrip (SMM) antenna portion having a spacer for maintaining the SMM antenna in

Multilayered common-mode choke coil

Multilayered common-mode choke coildoi:US20030052766 A1A common-mode choke coil includes first to third spiral coils, in which the diameters of coil


This invention relates to carburetors and more particularly to mechanism adapted for automatically controlling the carburetor choke. The present application i

With Multi Layers,Choke And Kill Hose With Wire Spiral,

Choke And Kill Hose With Nrb Synthetic Rubber , Find Complete Details about Choke And Kill Hose With Nrb Synthetic Rubber,Choke Kill Hose With Multi

Common mode choke coil and method manufacturing the same

A common mode choke coil has a plurality of metallic conducting wires buried into a sintered magnetic material such that the metallic conducting wires are


the choke or flow resistor II may be readily spiral groove extending into its bottom surface, said coupling member having a high pressure


2010820-Eine Kettensäge 1 als Arbeitsmaschine, welche zwischen Stopp-, Antriebs- und Choke-Betätigungen eines Verbrennungsmotor umschaltet, enthäl

Choke coil with spiral-shaped winding

The choke coil (1) includes a spiral-shaped winding (3,5) which is embedded in insulating material. At least one outer face (9) of the choke coil

Plant forcing system

operated with a heat producing ballast choke (The lamp can be a high pressure, a fluorescentüber Spiralkabel (13) miteinander verbunden

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