high presure AN 4 4AN FEP Braided Racing hose Fuel Oil Line

Downhole cable

Abstract of strongEP1065674/strongbrA downhole cable (10) for use in an oil or gas well is described as having a pair of conductors (12,

Heated hose apparatus and method

A heated hose assembly includes: an extruded inner liner; an intermediate layer comprising strands of a nonmetallic material and at least one heating wire

High performance spiral-wound catheter

FEP, vinylidene fluoride, and their mixtures, braided, that is to say, bands which are (See page 4, line 20) preferably rectangular in

Hose assembly

A lightweight hose assembly (10) of the type adapted for conveying fuels and other corrosive fluids. The assembly (10) includes a tubular inner liner

Soft-tip high performance braided catheter

braid member has four braid elements and said (FEP), polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE), and heating the combination to pull the


A hose suited for use in clean rooms has a Minimum Bend Radius (MBR) that is flexible without kinking. The hose includes a germ and bacteria

Stent graft with braided polymeric sleeve

A stent graft for transluminal implantation includes a resilient tubular interbraided latticework of metal or polymeric monofilaments, a tubular interbraided

Catheter with braided and coiled reinforcing layer

or braid placed within the wall of the device. FEP, or other fluorocarbon polymers or (208 in Figure 2 or 304 in Figures 3 and 4

Electrically-conductive hose

such as used for fuel line applications, a high pressure hose which is more conductive than chain extending oils, tackifiers, flow modifiers

Smooth surfaced fiber optic logging cable for well bores

and/or braided cable used to protect the cable.oil or gas from any well under high pressure. (FEP), with a temperature range to 400° F.,

Flexible, kink resistant, fluid transfer hose construction

A flexible, kink resistant, fluid transfer hose construction that employs a flexible and abrasion-resistant protective jacket is provided. The protective

Flexible heated hose and method of manufacture

20101120-A heated hose includes an inner hose (b109/b covered by a braided support web (b20/b) that fixes heating conductors (b30/b)

Heated hose apparatus and method

2008124-A heated hose assembly includes: an extruded inner liner; an intermediate layer comprising strands of a nonmetallic material and at least on


(woven, knitted, braided or wound) of expanded fuel cells, fuel tanks, flexible couplings, hose FEP/ePTFE/fluoroelastomer rubber composite of this

Optimized high performance spiral-wound vascular catheter

catheter (see column 4, lines 64 and following)braid 3 prepared by knitting a fine wire of a the Nylons, FEP, polypropylene, and the like


2012920-pressure for blowout prevention from an oil the central hose is used as a power line to(FEP) copolymer, perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) resin,

Electric cable having braidless polymeric ground plane

An electrical cable device such as a heating cable includes a braidless ground return layer surrounding an inner jacket. The ground return layer is formed

braided stainless steel fuel line images - images of braided

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Fuel transfer tube

braided packing, in particular to a method for (such as polytetrafluoroethylene, polyethylene FEP),3N4 in; lubricants for general open gear oil,

Hose for fluids pulsating at high pressure and frequency and

A hose assembly resistant to internal high frequency high pressure fluid impulses including a tubular liner having an inner surface, an outer surface, and

Hose end fitting assembly

A quick connect hose coupling assembly (10) for connecting a hose to an external device is disclosed. The assembly (10) includes a coupling

Corrugated hose assembly

2011420-hose assembly being used in a fuel line; and at least one braided layer(FEP), the copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylen

Flat cable

widely used as high-frequency transmission lines. braided cable at a fixed value before the cablefluoroethylene/hexafluoropropylene copolymer (FEP)

Surface modification of hoses to reduce depletion of

An inside surface of a hose for use with liquid-cooled cooling plate assemblies and other applications that contain copper (Cu) components is pre-treated

Braided Pure Ptfe Packing Soft With Heat-Resistant

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Flexible hose having reduced fuel vapor permeability and

A flexible fuel hose having improved fuel vapor barrier properties wherein the fuel hose comprises a first fluoropolymer layer forming a first barrier

Fire protective hose assembly

A flexible hose for conveying fluids and suitable for high temperature environments, in one embodiment the hose assembly comprises a thermal paint coated

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