oil resistant FEP flexible car washer steam hose

Hose production method

hose having a laminate structure comprising three steam, and the like, which are used solely (FEP), or a tetrafluoroethylene-perfluoroalkyl

Process for making esters of unsaturated acids

2002919-Assignee: Ashland Oil, Inc. (Ashland, KY) FeP1-2 M0.01-1 Ox wherein relative to one ( nitrogen and steam through a stainless steel

Sterile packaging method for surgical devices

Method of sterile packaging of a surgical device comprising heat forming a sheet of Teflon FEP to form a blister having shape and dimensions of the

Rational Design of FePtK/SiO2 Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts and

FePtK catalyst supported on attrition-resistant FePtK-S-216 11.4 0.93 1.01 - FePtK-S-217(20 wt%) 100 50 0 0123456 Steam Partial

Downhole Well Communications Cable

2002920- FEP, and TEFZEL®, and the sonde including compression-resistant filler rods 508 that may steam into the well for liquefying oil in

Coating resin composition

steam conditions of 105°C and 1.05 atm for 168 hours; and condition 2:(PFA), and a tetrafluoroethylene-hexafluoropropylene copolymer (FEP); and

Dampferzeugungsanlage mit Durchlaufkessel Steam generation

WO2007014538A2 2006523 200728 Ecoenergy Ges Fuer En Und Umwe Method and device for generation of superheated steam *


20121020-to a food cooking and/or heating appliance comprising an enclosure (2) including a reservoir (40) and a cover (20), and a steam production d

Cured primer on substrate

A post-formable coated substrate coated with PTFE and FEP, plus polyamide imide and PPS resins can be made by roller coating and deep drawn with the

Water-based primer composition for fluororesin coating

steam corrosion resistance but lack the contrary, excellent corrosion resistance(FEP powder), a PAI and PES to the total solid content of the fluorine

Manufacture of biologic cellular products

2011220-flexible film, at least the interior surface of such as exposure to superheated steam or dry the flexibility of the FEP or ETFE film

Process for surface treating molded articles of fluorine resins

(carnation oil) to PTFE powder (in an amount steam from conduit 3(a) at a rate of 20 ccFEP sheet obtained as in Example 18 using an


20091019- A marine transportation system in which natural gas, oil, and other flexible material such as a suitable gas-tight TFE or FEP fluorocarb

Designers Press Full Steam Ahead on Greener Trains; in

Designers Press Full Steam Ahead on Greener Trains; in Association with RBSBIDDERS have been asked to start designing a fleet of new inter-city trains

Micromachined Clark oxygen electrodes and biosensors

gas-permeable membrane is thermally adhered fluorinated ethylene-propylene (FEPImproving the membrane adhesion made the oxygen electrode tolerant to steam-

Method of closing a cell containment device with a wet seal

2009920- such as fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP), significant flex during normal recipient activities. though steam sterilization is pref

Heat-shrinkable UHMV polymer film, tubing, and roll covers

UHMWPE, rather than the conventional FEP or PFA. flex life, and other preferred physical such as steam heat at a temperature of about

Depolymerization of fluoropolymers

2007320-extraction, washing or a pre-heating step to oxidize the dirt and oil FEP 5.0 0.050 PTFE Steam 1.0 15-28 depolymerization* *These values

Temperature of a Heater in a Laundry Appliance, and Steam

steam generator 4 in a laundry appliance (1), shell 5 through a flexible filling hose 6. FEP (polymerized fluorinated ethylene/propylene) or

A steam-sterilizable electrode of the galvanic type for the

A steam-sterilizable electrode of the galvanic type for the measurement of FEP-Teflon membranes. 90% response time is of the order of 10-15 sec

Flue gas coolers with AlWaFlon pressure hoses

Flue gas coolers with AlWaFlon® pressure hoses while the surplus steam will be used for from the equally corrosion-resistant fluoropolymer

Method of heat exchange and evaporation

steam power and recover valuable mineral contents FEP, retain their preferentially oil wettable neoprene hose to produce steam and solids as

a sandwich structure and domestic appliance like a steam

Heating element having a sandwich structure and domestic appliance like a steam iron having such an element1. A heating structure (1), in particular for

Non-linting sterilization packaging material

for mitigating stress within at least a portion of the FEP outer jacket. extended high temperatures, vibration, humidity, and exposure to steam

Method of bonding fluoro plastics to a base

(FEP), and not less than 240 kg/cm.sup.2 characteristic that it is extremely heat resistant.9 Jacobson Sidney Accessory for steam pressing

Attrition-resistant catalytic system and its use in the oxy

FePxMeyOz, in which: Me denotes at least one of the following elements in the presence of steam in a molar ratio to the saturated acid not

fuer Speisewasser oder sonstige Kuehlmittel Steam-heated,

Dampfbeheizter, liegender Oberflaechenwaermetauscher fuer Speisewasser oder sonstige Kuehlmittel Steam-heated, horizontal Oberflaechenwaermetauscher for feed

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