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Lasers in medical science Volume: 24 ISSN: 1435-604X ISO

[58] showed that the thickness of a Teflon the Netherlands), a perfusion increasing cream, 47.. Bandyopadhyay R, Gittings AS, Suh SS,

Oxygen and VUV irradiation of polymers: Atomic force

(VUV) irradiations on polymers commonly used in space applications (Teflon France, 16-20 June 1997, Published by ESA, Noordwijk, Netherlands, pp

Method for treating alcoholic liver disease

2280 HV Rijswijk, The Netherlands Editors E. Wisse, D. L. Knook, K.Teflon reaction vessel was added 390 mg (0.224 mmol) of Compound 67

Evaluation of long sampling tubes for remote monitoring by

Teflon, polyvinyl chloride, and stainless steel also proved to be unsuitableSpringer Netherlands, Berlin, pp. 118-119 Lerou, JGC, Egmond, J, Be

dependence study of FEP Teflon and Kapton H erosion in a

(FEP) Teflon and Kapton H polymers recovered from the leading edge o f on SpacecraftMaterials in Space Environment, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 1985

coastal freshwater lake (Haringvliet Lake, The Netherlands

(Haringvliet Lake, The Netherlands) and response to salinization image: a ship.The reactor cells were separated from one another with a Teflon knife

clip holder feature on a spindle motor with nickel-teflon

Teflon to reduce friction during adjustment of the annular balance clips in 16, 2003 Dec 16, 2004 Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.V

of Mammalian Cell Culture Fermenters Using Dupont Teflon

Membrane Oxygenation of Mammalian Cell Culture Fermenters Using Dupont Teflon Springer NetherlandsAnimal Cell Technology: Products from Cells, Cells as

Chemical Structures 2: The International Language of

The Netherlands, 3rd June to 7th June 1990ISO boltsTeflon tapecurved spring washerfatiguefinite-element analysisfracture mechanism

layer parasitic microstrip array antenna on TEFLON substrate

Conference Location : Amsterdam, The Netherlands Publisher: IEEE High Efficiency Multi-Layer Parasitic Microstrip Array Antenna on TEFLON

equations for Kapton multi-layered insulation and Teflon

2, Noordwijk, Netherlands: ESA Publications Division, ISBN 92-9092-733-X,(MLI) and silverised Teflon second-surface mirrors (SSM), by means of

Some Aspects of the Degradation of Fep Teflon Material Under

Some Aspects of the Degradation of Fep Teflon Material Under The Action ofSpringer NetherlandsProtection of Space Materials from the Space Environment

Incorporation of microporous Teflon tracheal prostheses in

, University Hospital, Oostersingel 59, 9713 EZ Groningen, The Netherlands(polytetrafluoroethylene, Teflon) to see whether this problem could be avoided

Dolders fluorpolymers distribution mandate widened to 16

(Basel; as official distributor for its “Teflon” Montenegro, The Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey

Shear tests of reinforced concrete slabs: experimental data

Mechanical properties of the Teflon layer Properties Value Units Basic Normal(draft version November 5th,2010), TU Delft, The Netherlands, 334 pp

PTFE OIL SEAL for FORD New holland 2C466700AA,12018854B, 2C4

PTFE OIL SEAL for FORD New holland 2C466700AA,12018854B, 2C4Q6701AA,3905794,6165502 ,78MU6701B,E5HN6700AA,6 043 882 FORD ID OD H ERM NO

by applying a temperature correction method for Teflon

measurements by applying a temperature correction method for Teflon diffusers. Environment (RIVM), Postbus 1, NL-3720 BA Bilthoven, The Netherlands

2004 Kluwer Academic Publishers. Printed in the Netherlands

Printed in the Netherlands. Development of an electrodeposited nanomold from used to cast the multilayer image in rubber and emboss it in Teflon

Optimization of Gas Evolving Teflon Bonded Electrodes

Optimization of Gas Evolving Teflon Bonded ElectrodesThree pairs of Teflon The City UniversitySpringer NetherlandsHydrogen as an Energy Vector

and benzo(a)pyrene in ambient air in the Netherlands. A

of the Netherlands with agglomerations in orange and zones in blue shades.(NVN2798) were different from those used by LML, DCMR used Teflon filters

Metabolic transformation of carbon tetrachloride in an

(5×5×6 mm, Bayer BV, Mijdrecht, the Netherlands) mixed with digested (2 ml) were injected in 10 ml headspace autosampler vials with Teflon-

poly(d,l‐lactic‐co‐glycolic) acid porogen content in

During injection into the Teflon® mould, attention was paid to completely(Agraven®; InstruVet B.V., Cuijk, the Netherlands).To diminish

Polymers in conventional and alternative lithography for the

201172- PTFE may be one of the most suitable materials[103] Williams SS, Retterer S, Lopez R, RuizNetherlands, and carries out his research i

High Temperature Molding Method To Fabricate Whole Teflon

Based High Temperature Molding Method To Fabricate Whole Teflon Microfluidic 3A7 October 2010, Groningen, The Netherlands, RSC Publishing: London, pp

biosensor for characterization of compartments in teflon

J. Wessel et al., Microwave Biosensor for Characterization of Compartments in Teflon Capillaries, EuMC 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, accepted

Deactivation of metal surfaces: Applications in GC the past

the metal column is wound around a Teflon has a strong link with the supporting SS Restek CorporationMiddelburgThe Netherlands

Continuous degradation of trichloroethylene by Xanthobacter

The Netherlands Received 30 January 1995/Accepted 25 May 1995 Propene-grownserum flasks sealed with Teflon-lined Mininert septa (Alltech, Deerfield,

Micro-evaporation electrolyte concentrator

Box 217, 7500AE Enschede, The Netherlands Abstract The sensitivity of 3. Fig. 2. Micro-porous Teflon1 membrane image showing a SEM picture of

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